About Me

I loves me a snazzy hat.

 Hello big, wide blogging world! I’m Kirsty a 22 year old TV Production Management graduate, cake lover and Game of Thrones addict who, in September 2015, aged 21, handed in my notice at a pretty cushty job and packed life into a backpack to up sticks to Australia on a one way flight. Just me and a backpack. Yes, I may have had my midlife crisis at 21.
After seeing an array of friends go off and do their solo traveling thang, I was desperate to see the world and not just the inside four walls of the house I lived in. The time was right, I had a bit of money saved and I wasn’t tied into paying any rent or entertaining any relationships. So, I took the leap, ready to embark on what may have been the best year of my life or a complete disaster.

Flash forward a year and I’m still in Australia, having the time of my life and I’ve managed to pick myself up a little travel mate, Ben. Since leaving the UK I have a new found love for travelling and I am continuously adding new countries and adventures to the bucket list which, as you can imagine, is now the length of my arm.

Bon voyage, and all that jazz.

Kirsty x