Australia - East Coast

Camping in Jervis Bay

Monday 23rd January 2017 – Wednesday 25th January 2017

Jervis Bay has been high on my (admittedly lengthy) ‘must see’ list for a while. After being told tales of ‘the whitest and purest sands in all of Australia’, I had high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed. We knew a while back that one of our close friends from the farm chapter would be heading to Sydney for his last week in Oz before heading to New Zealand and, being the last time we might see him for a while, we knew we had to round off his time here with a special trip. Another friend joined us, we hired a car and we were off!

About Jervis Bay

  • Jervis Bay is located in ACT, an approximately 3 hour drive from Sydney city centre, NSW.
  • It is a 102 square metre oceanic bay, covered by the Booderee National Park. 
  • The National Park charges $11 per 48 hours per car to visit, or $44 for an annual pass. 
  • The park gets incredibly busy during the holidays, especially in high season, so make sure accommodation is booked in advance if you wish to stay. We didn’t book, but ended up finding a campsite slightly further south with room for our tents. Use the Wiki Camps app for searching for campsites. 
Hyams Beach

We broke our trip up with a stop off in Wollongong, around an hour and a half into the drive and so a nice halfway point, for some lunch and to pick up some beers and a tent. Top tip: Kmart and Target are best for cheap tents (we paid $15 in Kmart for a 2 man tent) that are waterproof and are great for short term camping trips or would also double up as a beach tent. We also spent $6 each on a camping chair which were great for sitting around the campsite in the evening and also for taking to the beach to avoid sandy bums.

As mentioned previously, we hadnt booked a campsite for the trip (in hindsight, we should have known it would be busy but hey, we’re spontaneous!) However I’ll admit that after arriving st the Booderee Nationsl Park to signs telling us ‘ALL CAMPING FULL’, I did panic a little that we’d be heading back where we’d come from before even seeing any sand. After doing a quick u-turn, we parked up in Hyams Beach, the entrance to which is just a little before that of the national park. After taking the obligatory photographs and enjoying the white sand we took to the Wiki Camps app to find a campsite. Eventually, we found a great site slightly further south that offered a powered site for only $50 per night including kitchen amenities, a swimming pool and parking that was also on the side of a lake, (Swan Lake, how poetic) and had a small beach an 8 minute walk away. Brilliant!

Swan Lake in all of its sun-set glory

The next morning we were up early and grabbed a picnic ready to drive back up to the National Park. We chose a Green Patch Beach for our first stop and ended up spending the entire day there, enjoying the crystal clear ocean and the pure white sand. It was paradise.

Green Patch Beach, Booderee National Park

Sadly the weather in our final morning had taken a turn and so we didn’t get to go back to the beach before heading home, but we were well and truly worn out from the perfect camping trip and last weekend in Australia for our friend. Until next time,

Kirsty x


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