Australia - East Coast

A day out to Watsons Bay – Hornby Lighthouse 

Sunday 8th January 2017

Since arriving in Australia I’ve grown to hate wasting time, especially weekends and especially when then weather is glorious. This means that Ben and I are slowly running out of places to go and explore without having to travel for hours or hire a car. So when doing a Google search of places to see and the Hornby Lighthouse coastal walk popped up, I was surprised we hadn’t been already. It turns out in fact we had; a few weekends ago we had travelled to Watsons Bay (a short 20 minute ferry journey from Sydney’s Circular Quay) and ended up visiting the beach before residing to the Beach Club for drinks. So when I realised that we’d quite literally wondered past all the signs for the Lighthouse, well I felt a bit silly.

Alas off we went on the ferry again. Alighting at Watsons Bay Ferry Wharf, we set off on the short uphill ramble to the Hornby Lighthouse. Once there the wind was strong enough to send me off the edge of the cliffs so we only stuck around long enough to take some pictures and enjoy the view before heading back down to the bay for the most delicious fish and chips I’ve had since arriving in Australia. A good day in all!

How to get to Watsons Bay

  • By far, the easiest way to get to Watson Bay is via Ferry. The direst ferry leaves from Circular Quay and costs on average $5.74 each way (although don’t forget if you’ve used multiple modes of transport sound Sydney that day the cost may be lower and in addition, all public transport travel on a Sunday is maximum $2.50 all day). The ferry takes half an hour.
  • There are also bus and train routes although I found these to run less frequently and often take longer.

To Do in Watsons Bay

  • Visit the Beach – Immediatly upon arrival to Watsons Bay  you’ll spot narrow beaches to both sides of the ferry wharf. However if you follow the footpath around to the left and follow the signposts you’ll reach Camp Coves Beach, a beautiful, protected bay with golden sands and crystal clear water that is ideal for all of the family.
  • Walk up to Hornby Lighthouse – Directly up from Camp Coves Beach (follow the signposts) is Hornby Lighthouse, an active lighthouse which is postcard-esque beautiful. The walk to the lighthouse also takes you past a nudist beach , ooh er!
  • Grab Fish and Chips at the Ferry Wharf, or dinner and drinks at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel, both situated directly by the Ferry Wharf.






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