Australia - East Coast

NYE Sydney 2016

Sunday, January 1st 2017 (!!)

Another year has gone by; they do say time flies when you’re having fun.

And having fun is exactly what I’ve been doing, despite the majority of this year being spent working in order to save some valuable dollar for the travels. In March, after 88 days of banana farming, FINALLY, my regional work was over and done with! Looking back (now that my skin is back to its normal self and my nails are finally rid of banana sap), I don’t think I hated the regional work as much as I made out. Sure, it was hard work and it surprises me that more people don’t die trying to complete their days. Sure, every day we either risked death from poisonous creatures, breaking our backs from carrying around kerosene tanks, severing a finger on a rope or infection from rat poo disease but I honestly believe it’s made me appreciate how lovely some jobs I’ve had in the past have been, how lucky I am for that not to be my full time job and how thankful I am for air conditioning. Throughout the 88 days, every time I called home my mum would remind me that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I’ve come out of the other end ready for whatever life throws at me! Yeehah!

After saying a sad goodbye to Scotty’s Beach House and Mission Beach I made my way to Cairns where I had a few days exploring the rainforest before jetting off to Perth to be re-united with my Benny. We potted around Fremantle until May when news broke that my grandparents would be flying over for a visit to Australia, landing in Sydney. I, of course, wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity to see family and so flew off to Sydney, leaving behind Ben who was about to embark on his long awaited East Coast trip. I thoroughly enjoyed having my grandparents over; we went whale watching, took day trips to Toronga zoo and to the Blue Mountains and it was just genuinely lovely to have them here. It also happened to be Vivid Festival this fortnight and so we had a great time out watching the light shows and also visiting the Opera House to watch New Order, who were FAB.

Soon enough it was time for them to leave, and it was around this time I landed my first job in Sydney. I had signed up to a temping admin agency and my first job was on the reception of the Mental Health Unit at Royal North Shore hospital. I loved it here; the work was easy, my colleagues were great and it really opened my eyes to the effect that mental health can have on a person. I found it really interesting, so much that I ended up staying in this job from May through to November! Meanwhile Ben and I were having a great time exploring Sydney, all whilst living in our snazzy flat on Darling Harbour (did I mention it has a pool AND a gym AND a jacuzzi AND a sauna?! And is ON DARLING HARBOUR?!) We took trips to Toronga zoo to climb their high ropes course, went to a State of Origin game, visited Manly beach, went to the Blue Mountains again, visited the Chinese Garden, walked the Bondi to Coogee route and also climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of my bucket list items. I can’t believe that had been enough to fill up a whole year! We’ve had a wonderful time and it was topped of with Christmas Day on Balmoral Beach and New Years with an amazing view of the fireworks.

I’m not one for making resolutions as I know full well I won’t stick to them but looking forward to 2017 I want to do one thing and that is to take more care of myself. I want to eat better food (and not worry about the cost), taking into consideration the nutrients my body needs and attempt to get my booty moving a bit more, even if that means literally forcing myself into a gym. I’m fed up of getting anaemia, fed up of poor skin, hair and nails and fed up of feeling flabby. So this year I want to do something about it. So far this has started really well, as our first meal of New Years was a McDonalds. Bloody ell’.

But enough of me rambling, here’s to another year ey!

Cheers, K x



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