Australia - East Coast

State of Origin (GO QLD!)

Wednesday 13th July 2016

I knew seeing an Aussie sporting match was something I had to do at least once during my time here and after thoroughly enjoying watching State of Origin at the pub, we booked tickets to go and see the final game of this year at the Sydney ANZ stadium. State of Origin is rugby league to us Brits, but the Aussies put on a real show and everybody gets involved compared to back home. I find English sport a bit ‘meh’ to be honest but State of Origin has fireworks, rivalry and proper tough game play. The games are best out of three so the fact that the Queensland Maroons, who we support due to spending the most time in that state whilst doing our farm work, had already won the first two games meant we had already won the league. Sadly, despite putting up a strong fight NSW beat us in the final game but the game was still entertaining to watch and even I was up on my feet, cheering and booing with the crowd. Check me out being all competitive!

We’d booked special QLD Supporter seats and so got a free t-shirt and brilliant Afro wig and I even managed to get our photo on the screen! Everyone’s a winner, except NSW! Go Maroons!







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