Australia - East Coast

Bondi – Coogee Walk

Sunday 17th July 2016

I thought it was about time that I visited the famous Bondi Beach to see what was all the fuss was about, and so this Sunday Ben and I pottered off to do the Bondi Beach – Coogee walk. Having just downloaded the Pokemon app, we were on the hunt for Pokeballs (I’ve no idea) and I wanted to get some nice pics. Bondi Beach is covered in brilliant graffiti art work including this piece by Kelsey Montague.

And so off we set. The walk started near Bondi Iceburgs which gave me a chance to finally catch a glimpse of Sydney’s famous outdoor, sea side swimming pool. The beginning section of the walk is currently still inaccessible after the storms in May and so we had to walk around a creepy graveyard full of crypts and massive family graves before we could re-join the footpaths. Once back on track though, the views of the sea and coastlooking back on Bondi and the other coves that the walk snakes around. We watched hundreds of surfers catching waves and the waves crash against the rocks.  The sun came out and the walk was an enjoyable one. One I’ll definitely do again.






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