Australia - East Coast · Sydney

Blue Mountains TAKE 2

Sunday 26th June 2016

Due to being practically on my death bed last time I went and friends over from England (and the fact that all travel is max $2.50 on Sunday, so why wouldn’t we travel the furthest we possibly can?!) we decided to head off to the Blue Mountains again today.

A great start to the day was had by all after we missed the train. Tip for travelling – don’t let boys organise ANYTHING. After a nice hot chocolate and a breakfast muffin my annoyance had ceased and we were settled on the train, ready to begin the two hour journey to the quaint town of Katoomba. If I thought it was cold last time then it was nothing compared to the Arctic blizzard temperatures that were felt today once we exited the train. It was FREEZING! It’s a bloody good job I had 43 jumpers, 2 t shirts and a big coat and scarf on then isn’t it?! The boys purchased some snazzy hats (yes, those are ear flaps and yes, they did tie them under their chins) and we were off on the bus to the 3 Sisters, at the Blue Mountains. Once the obligatory photographs had been taken we were off back on the bus to Katoomba for a spot of lunch and then back on the train where we stopped off at the Wentworth Falls stop. Off we ambled in the direction of the falls, hoping for a quick look at the falls, maybe another photograph and then back on the train home. Instead, we wondered off down a lovely ‘bush stroll’ to the falls,which instead took an hour and a half of ambling through forests, over rivers and fells, only to come out at the same car park we’d expected too in the first place. Typical. Thumbs up.

By this time I was cold, hungry, tired and pretty miserable and we still had the two hour train ride back to Sydney Central. Ugh. It appears we all ended up falling asleep though as we were soon home, showered and tucked up cosy into our beds. A good day had by all.







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