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Grandparents come to Sydney! 

Friday 13th May 2016 – Sunday 12th June 2016

I’m feeling very lucky at the moment. To be able to spend as long a time as I want in a city as spectacular as Sydney and also to have such close knit family, and I’m especially grateful for my grandad and his partner who have spent the past month roaming Australia (and New Zealand (!)) and treating us to lovely days and dinners out. AND they left me nearly $50 worth in Opal credit? Winner!!

In typical Milburn fashion, as soon as they arrived in Sydney I was plagued with the worst cold in the history of colds and genuinely thought I was at death’s door. Our first trip out was to the Blue Mountains and, being me, I wanted to plough on through the illness and still see everything there was to see up there. It’s safe to say I nearly didn’t make it home and had to take rather a few rest stops coming back up to the car park! Look at the state of me in the photos! Other day trips included a day at Toronga zoo and fish and chips on Balmoral Beach, ooh it’s like being at home (without the crappy weather!)






Then off they went to Airlie Beach, Brisbane and Noosa, where it sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. And after a few days back in Sydney they were off again, this time to visit friends in New Zealand – they were sure covering some ground on this trip! Once again, they were back and it was time to settle down for a final week relaxing and exploring the city. But what’s a trip to Sydney without a whale watch thrown in?! We saw a mother and very playful baby whale who was doing all sorts of gymnastics for us and it was an absolutely brilliant trip! I’ll be definitely heading out again later on in the year when the whales start heading back from their migrations and are supposedly more relaxed and playful. I can’t wait! And of course, a visit had to be made to the Sydney Opera House where we were lucky enough to be treated to tickets to see New Order, playing live with the Sydney Orchestra. Typical Britts coming all the way to Australia and seeing a band from Manchester ey? Nevertheless the concert was absolutely brilliant!

Anyway, for now I leave you with the final sunset over Barangaroo Park, a fitting end to a wonderful trip. If that’s not enough to make you want to come and visit Australia then I don’t know what is (I’m looking at you dad 😉 ).




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