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Sydney so Far: Farm Friends, Family Visit and Vivid Fest

Monday 9th May 2026 – I’m never leaving

And so off to Sydney I dashed, leaving myself only a week to explore before the grandparents arrived. I have got very luckyand am being allowed kindly to stay with a family friend, who happens to have an apartment on the North Shore with the most spectacular view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and in the distance, The Sydney Opera House. Very lucky indeed. On day one I threw myself into exploring what the city had to offer with a walk over the bridge, to the Opera House, Botanical Gardens and art museum. A lovely girl outside the Opera House agreed to take the pictures below if me in front of the Opera House, thanks random girl! The arrival of my grandparents to the city (and also the arrival of a STINKING AWFUL cold for me) has meant lots of nice dinners out (I am in love with risotto balls and cheesy croquettes) and days out to The Blue Mountains, Toronga Zoo (which I will definitely be returning to to do the rope course) and Balmoral Bay. They are here for a month and have already whisked themselves down the East Coast and for a quick jaunt to New Zealand. I can’t keep up!


As it turns out, most of my friends from the farm (farm fwends, yay!) are in Sydney, both working and ‘fun-employed’ and so many a drunken night out as been had as well as multiple days out. Friday 27th May also saw the start of 3 week long Vivid Festival, where the city’s buildings light up in bright colours and cartoons are projected against major landscapes such as The Town Hall and the Opera House. We also went to an outdoor silent disco; where else can you stumble a cross 100 people dancing in silence in a park?! There will definitely be more pictures to come from this!






That’s it for now for Sydney. The plan is to stay here until New Years (I am determined to see the fireworks) to find work and settle for a while. Back to travelling afterwards though! But for now, let’s see what life in Sydney has to offer!



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