Australia - West Coast/Central

Rotnest Island: Cycling, Quokkas and Snorkelling  

Wednesday 30th March 2016

Rotnest Island is a small Island based off the West Coast of Perth or Fremantle, accessible by ferry, helicopter or sea plane (if you’re made of money). Since arriving in Fremantle I had wanted to visit Rotnest Island, however had never got around to it due to friends being busy, bad weather or ferrys being fully booked. So when some other travellers staying in my dorm room at the hostel in Fremantle said that they were going the next day and that, hey I should come along (!) it’s safe to say I jumped at the chance and booked myself onto the earliest ferry over in the morning.

And what a beautiful day we had picked, glorious sunshine and warm weather all day made for ideal cycling conditions, since there are no cars allowed on the island. I really liked this about Rotnest; it’s been a while since I’d been on a bike and to know that you weren’t going to be run down be speeding motorists made for a calming atmosphere, despite it being a 22km cycle, largely uphill, around the island. Nevertheless, bikes were rented, helmets donned and off we went! Rotnest consists of multiple, white sand, crystal blue water bays situated within a 5/10 minute cycle of each other and each bay is a hot spot for snorkelling, often with reefs and shipwrecks to explore.  Typically, we cycled on past the snorkel hire completely unaware and so had to take it in turns sharing one pair of goggles all day and holding our breaths underwater!
Another famous feature on Rotnest Island is the Quokkas, little creatures that call the island home and will supposedly smile for a selfie, although they refused to do so for me (probably because I brought them celery and not crackers, I wouldn’t be smiling either. I didn’t even provide hummus for Pete’s sake (who’s Pete?!)).

All in all Rotnest was one of the highlights of my brief time spent on the West Coast and I’ll definitely be popping over for another little visit when I head back to travel the West Coast next year.








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