Australia - East Coast

One Year On…

Its been a year. A whole year!

I can’t believe how much this year has flown and my, how much has changed in that small amount of time! This time last year, 10 undergraduates were finishing the last day of their degree and raising a toast in good ol’ Wetherspoons; to the future, to good times and to each other. 2 weeks later I’d, by some sheer stroke of luck, landed a dream job as Assistant to the Production Manager on The One Show at the BBC. I loved it, enjoyed the job and the life I was living. To find out a couple of weeks later that I would be graduating with a First Class degree and to celebrate that lunch time with two course mates who had also landed jobs at the BBC was almost a dream. My only plans were to save money for my own flat in Manchester and to work my way up the ladder at the BBC. Travelling was definitely not in my 5 year plan and something I wanted to save for later in life when I was job and money secure.

And then, 5 months in to my job something changed in me. I began to see close friends heading off travelling and I’ll admit it, I was a bit jealous. I woke up, went to work and came home again. I didn’t feel like I was enjoying life and so, one evening mid July I applied for a year long working visa for Australia, half expecting for it to take a while to be granted so I would have time to think about it. 20 minutes later I had a reply, visa granted. Oh. Looks like I was off to Australia then!


Completely against my internal production manager I didn’t book anything except a flight and one hostel for when I landed in sunny Brisbane. I was keeping my options open, hey.. I might hate it. HA. 8 months in and I absolutely love Australia, every day is an adventure and some of the things I have done and seen (flown a plane, snorkelled, skydived, sand boarded, ridden a motorbike and cuddled a koala (!) to name but a few) and some of the friends I have made, well it’s been an experience to say the least! I’m honestly having the best time and it’s enough to make me sure that the 3 months of banana farming that I endured was worth it for a second year spent here. And then there’s New Zealand, Asia and the rest of the world to visit! One day I’m sure I’ll settle back down and if I’m able to land a job as good as the BBC again, I’d be a lucky gal. But for now, I’m still only just starting my adventure. And I’m very happy. So, to the other 9 of you (you know who you are), cheers and here’s to another year.



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