Australia - East Coast

Uncle Brian’s Fun Falls and Forest Tour – Cairns

Friday 11th March 2016


It’s the Australian national anthem, is it not, Peter Andre’s ‘Mysterious Girl’? Well no, maybe not. But yet here we were, a bus of 20 lunatics all rolling up to Milla Milla falls, birthplace of the Mysterious Girl music video as well as other famous adverts such as Herbal Essence’s famous ‘hair flick’ (see second to last photo).

The Uncle Brian’s Fun Falls and Forest tour was one of THE best organised and most fun tours I’ve been on since I arrived in Australia. Not a single minute was left to take a breather, from start to finish if we weren’t singing, eating, swimming or laughing (eat, swim, eat swim, eat, swim) we were passing around a ‘famous artifact from the Dali Lama’ (otherwise known as a polo mint) on a moving bus using only matchsticks and using only our mouths. Cousin Brad kept us entertained and happy all day and I was very impressed that from the moment he met us he knew all 20 of our names and where we were from. His stories (including why THE Uncle Brian wasn’t hosting our tour – small accident, slipped on a bar of soap 9 months ago etc etc) had us all in stitches and his knowledge of the areas we were travelling was actually really interesting.

Throughout the course of the day we visited Milla Milla, Josephine Falls, Murray Falls and a beautiful lake set in a volcano. At each location we were encouraged to jump straight into the water despite the rain. And I obviously forgot to take any photographs during the course of the day due to having so much fun so it was a good job that Cousin Brad was on hand with his camera, of which all photos were uploaded to Facebook. Brilliant! It’s thanks to him that I have the following pics. Best day ever!




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