Australia - East Coast

Mission Beach – it’s skydive time! 

Thursday 19th November – … yes I’m still here.

Josey and I arrived in Mission Beach ready to get our skydive out of the way and head on up to Cairns. However on arrival we spotted a ‘do you want your second year visa’ sign and thought ‘yes as it happens we do!’ We enquired and it turned out we would be on a waiting list however we could work for free accommodation whilst we waited. Before making any rash decisions and signing our lives away we set out to see what Mission Beach has to offer. Which is all of sweet FA. There is literally, nothing here. But nonetheless we agreed to wait for farm work, it seemed likely we’d be on the farm soon enough. I’ll let you know how that goes. And so Josey became Kitchen Bitch and I became the Laundry Princess (official titles).

But before then, it was time to have some fun. The date was booked, deposits paid for and we just had to wait for Saturday to roll around. And when it eventually did, it rolled around with some serious thunderstorms and rainy weather. Bollocks, this wasn’t the blue skies we had seen in everyone else’s skydive videos. We were picked up from the hostel at the crack of sunrise and ferried to the skydive centre where we were told that would have to wait for the sky to clean up and to put a film on whilst we waited. Two shit films later it was finally clear enough for us to go and so we were hoisted into our harnesses, strapped to the front of some random men and stuck on a bus to an airfield where we posed for some silly photos before boarding the plane and jetting off to 14,000 ft before throwing ourselves out of the plane, still attached to the random men. And honestly, it was the best thing I have ever done in my life. So much that my first words once my feet were back in the ground were ‘can I go again please?!’ Honestly, just amazing. My pictures and videos came out amazingly and I can truly see how happy my face is from the landing photo which is seen below. It was a once in a life time experience that I’m positive I’ll be doing again at every opportunity. That’s all for now for Mission Beach, hopefully I’ll be on the farm soon and then I’ll be counting down the days until I can leave. Woohoo. But for now, enjoy my AWESOME skydive photos.




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