Australia - East Coast

1770 Agnes Water

Saturday 17th October 2015- Thursday 22nd October 2015

After a relaxing couple of night spent in Hervey Bay it was onwards towards Agnes Water/1770, the first landing spot of Captain Cook  when he discovered Australia. Upon spotting a sign that read ‘If you’re not barefoot then you’re overdressed’ hanging at the hostel, I knew I’d be at home here; I’ve become a bit of a barefoot hippie chick and basically refuse to wear shoes now unless I have to (my feet are not something to be desired but I’m happy). I had booked in on a Castaway trip from the 19th so had a couple of days to explore the town before then.

On the first day we set off into town to explore the shops and the beach when we turned around to find Duke, the hostel dog following us down the street. Apparently this is just something he does and so we offered to take him for a walk instead. We walked all the way up to the Tavern where we stopped for a drink before heading back. I think Duke stole both mine and Josey’s hearts, in fact I came back from my shower on one evening to find them both snuggled in the hammock together.. Cute!


I’d heard good things about the Castaway trip and the guy that runs it being a bit of a raving lunatic. After a brief safety meeting, Bruce moved swiftly on to telling us about his ‘bouncing boobs’ idea, in which he bounces the plane up and down therefore causing girls boobs to jiggle. His favourite part of the job apparently. I can’t think why *cough*pervert*cough*. As the planes were only 3 man we were split into pairs and given a time to be back at the bus stop ready to drive to the airfield. My partner was the lovely Frankie. After stocking up on alcohol and snacks for the trip we were ready to go! Look how happy we looked before getting on the plane! It was decided that Frankie would sit in the front as she was a bit of a nervous flyer. We took off and then 5 minutes later we were falling again, dropping out of the sky! What?! Turns out our pilot thought it would be a laugh and a half to do some tricks and so was throwing the plane all over the show, it was amazing fun, we cackled like idiots! Over the headpiece we could head the screams coming from the other plane as Bruce was doing the same to the other team who were flying in at the same time! It was brilliant! And then the pilot let Frankie have a go at flying the plane and that was me seething with jealousy, I wanted a go! I told myself whatever happened I was going in the front on the way back! Eventually we landed on the beach where we were greeted by Norma, a lovely local lady who lives on the island and who would be making sure we all didn’t die (or kill each other) over the next few days.


The next few days were spent swimming in the sea in huge rubber rings, hiking up to creepy lighthouses and having an absolutely amazing time with a genuinely awesome bunch of people. And the chase the crab game is something I’ll never forget. We had been given a camp camera and told all photos would be uploaded to Facebook; I swear, we took at least 57,000 group ‘family’ photos. ‘Aw that’s another cute one for the album’ was said ALOT. A. LOT.

We had been warned that if we needed to go to the loo to take a boat paddle with us in case of snakes, spiders or kangaroos. And if we were to see a kanga, we were not to run away as apparently the big ones like to chase people for a laugh. Honestly. Bloody raving crazy Kangas. And on my first morning after waking at the crack of sunrise desperate for a wee, off I went armed with my paddle. And there he was, the biggest roo I have ever seen in all my life, I swear he had a six pack and biceps bigger than my head. But he hadn’t seen me, so off I sprinted back camp. I could hold my wee  until someone woke up to join me on the toilet trip. Highlight of the time spent on the island has to be when we all decided that the toilet situation was far too dangerous and so the ‘circle of trust’ was invented, which basically consisted of 10 of us all going to squat and wee on the beach together. Safety in numbers and all that. It was beautiful.





Because time flies here in Australia, it was soon time to fly back to the mainland. I was straight in the front of my plane and he let me drive! I flew a plane! Best feeling ever! My dad will be jealous!


Once we were back Bruce announce that as we’d had to come back early due to the tides he was inviting us all to his house for a BBQ and some homemade coconut rum and home brewed beer. Best. Afternoon. Ever. The food was amazing, we were drunk on rum and to top it all off Bruce drove us up to the viewpoint at 1770 to see the actual spot where Captain Cook landed when he discovered Australia. Very cool.


I only had a couple more nights in Agnes Water before getting on the 10 hour bus to Airlie Beach and so I had to find some way to pass the time. I had heard the Scooteroo tour was a good time and so I signed myself up. That afternoon I was picked up and whisked off to learn to ride the motorbike and be plastered in fake tattoos. At first I struggled with the bike but once I picked it up I loved it and once were were out on the road cruising along I was loving life! I wanted to go faster! Honestly, riding down a road towards the sunset with a hundred kangaroos on either side of you is a feeling to remember. It was a really enjoyable tour and I’m so glad I did it.





That’s about it for Agnes Water/1770, next stop is Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays!



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