Australia - East Coast

Rainbow Beach & Fraser Island (At Last)

Monday 12th October 2015 – Friday 16th October 2015

So at long last I was ready to leave Noosa and head onwards to Rainbow Beach from where my Fraser Island tour would depart. As soon as we had checked in we were advised to be at a safety briefing at 4pm sharp in the bar area and it was on arrival to this meeting that I met the other 20 odd people I would be spending the next 3 days with. So to put it simply, the ‘safety video’ basically told us that if we didn’t kill ourselves driving the 4x4s over some dodgy sand, the Dingos would get us whilst we slept anyway. Basically, death was inevitable. Which of course put us all at ease. From here we were split into groups which we would be sharing our cars with and, if we wished, we could order a crate of alcohol between us (we ordered enough to keep a small army drunk for 3 days, or so we thought). My group consisted of the 3 mad Irish lads, a German brother and sister duo and us 3 lovely English gals.

Next off was a spot of team building, a walk up to the sand flats on Rainbow beach for some sandboarding and the sunset. Aw. I was slightly wary of sandboarding having come fresh from a concussion but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t give it a go and I loved it (plus, no injuries so everyone’s a winner). And the sunset was beautiful. As was the burger we devoured once back at the hostel. Early to bed that night, we were up at sunrise the next day to begin our Fraser trip! Eek!



After being only woken once during the night (one girl vs 3 cockroaches = loud screaming), we were up at the crack of 6am to pack up our cars and head off to Fraser! Safe to say we had ordered enough alcohol for our car, see Esky pic! After a last safety briefing on how to drive the cars (2 gear sticks?! We are definitely going to die) we were off!

Aaaaand then we stopped. First car stuck in the sand, less than an hour into our journey. Ohhh the embarrassment. The next hour was spent on hand and knees digging the car out of the sand, until some smart allec came over and helped us out with some rubber mats under the tyres and we were on our way again. Believe me when I say we spent the next 3 days in first gear with our foot to the peddle whenever there was soft sand around!

First stop on our Fraser journey was the beautiful Lake Wabby which was reached after a 40 minute hike over sand dunes, a track that was well worth it once we spotted the water (IS IT A MIRAGE OR IS IT ACTUALLY THE LAKE?!). We sunbathed, swam and had our toes nibbled by the tiny fish here for hours before heading back to the cars.

From here it was my turn to have a go at driving whilst the sand was hard and relatively easy to drive on. Now I have a driving lisence, but I haven’t driven since I passed my test and I’d just had a head injury… Que ‘stop the car we want to get out argghhh’ from everyone else (jokingly, I like to think). But it was fine, I remembered how to drive and drove us successfully to the next stop with no problems! Even without shoes! We were headed to our campsite for the next 3 days and this meant passing the wreck of the Meheno, a ship that had been on its way to be scrapped and so when there were engine issues ending in the ship running aground, the crew decided to abandon her on the island. A beautiful rusty site. Leading us to the phrase ‘let’s get shipwrecked’ and a whole host of hilarious, piss taking photos. Finally, we headed back to camp where we were met by the lovely Rosie and Auntie who owned the place and told us the only rules were ‘no whistling into the wind, no spitting in to the fire and for gods sake no shitting in the disco!’. I’ll leave you to make of that what you like.






The next morning none of us were in any fit state to drive what so ever, but alas off we went to climb up to Indian Head. The view was absolutely stunning and the water so clear we could watch Manta Rays and Sea Turtles from the top. Amazing. Next stop was the Champagne Pools, called so because when the waves crash into the rocks the bubbles caused by the impact looks like the froth of champagne. Or, according to George ‘the least champagney looking froth he’d ever seen’! Ooh! From here it was back to camp for another night of getting ship wrecked on goon and dancing (but definitely not shitting) in the disco.

On our last morning we all woke, yet again too hungover to drive safely and, yet again, off we still trundled regardless. Our last day would take us, via some CRAZY off road sand dune driving, to Lake McKenzie, a fresh water lake where the sand was so pure you could exfoliate your skin and clean your silver jewellery in it. And of course, the heavens opened on arrival. But out of 20 of us, 5 of us weren’t going to let a bit of rain stop us swimming in the lake and so we dived in. And it was invigorating, swimming in the pouring rain with the mist surrounding us! The lake was so clear that once the rain had stopped we managed to do some brilliant underwater Go Pro videos and photos (see below), but sadly we did have to leave eventually to head back to Rainbow Beach.




All in all I had quite possibly the best time since I arrived in Australia on Fraser Island. The people were awesome, the Island was beautiful and nobody was eaten by Dingos. Winner! Next stop, Agnes Water!



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