Australia - East Coast

And that’s when it all went wrong… Noosa.

Monday 28th September 2015 – Monday 12th October 2015 (Yes. Those dates are correct).
‘Few days in Noosa before on to Fraser Island’ she said, in her last blog post. Which incidentally was written a good month and a half ago now, I’m clearly not very good at this blogging thing. But that’s when it all went wrong, I must have tempted fate or something. Shortly after writing that last blog post, and after a particularly good night out, this idiot fell off her bunk bed in her sleep ending in 3 nights in hospital (free food and board if you look on the bright side), a beautiful black eye (I wasn’t beaten up I promise) and a bleed on the brain. Oops.But weirdly in this happening, and I admit that I was lucky I didn’t cause more serious damage, good things have happened. For starters, it’s a brilliant conversation to have with people as to why they simply must give me their bottom bunk. It gives me an ’embarrassing travelling story’ to talk about during drinking games and came in handy during ‘two truths one lie’; to be fair it does sound ridiculous. And lastly, I’ve made a friend for life in Josey who, despite only meeting me at Gagaju that weekend, cancelled all her travel plans to stay and look after me whilst I recovered. And a month on, whilst I wait for her to return from her most recent trip, I honestly believe that weirdly I’ve met my sister from another mister out here. Which is kinda nice in the grand scheme of things.So in Noosa we stayed for a good 2 weeks instead of 3 days. And I loved every minute of it. Noosa is a small surfing/touristy town right on the edge of the Ocean, 2 hours up from Brisbane. I had stayed in Noosa previously for 2 nights prior to the camping trip (see sunset photos, post black eye) and had stayed in the Nomads, a party hostel well known for its lively drinking games. And this is where I had booked for the night after the trip. And this is where I fell off the bed. Idiot. This is also where Josey (bless her), booked me back into for when I came out of hospital. But after spending two days lay in a hammock going ‘ouch’, several doughnuts and a few cries into my cereal later, my poor brain couldn’t handle the Nomands thumping music anymore. A quick browse online lead us to the Flashpackers hostel and honestly, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I spend two weeks there lay by the pool, eating everything and anything I could get my hands on and making more friends for life, I’m looking at you Shanequa (Flashpackers best receptionist) and also Victoria and Laura, two girls I met in Byron Bay and now can’t get rid of (seriously, they’re here in Airlie Beach now too). And we even had a stint staying at the hostel owners beautiful house, after she took pity on us when there was no other availability in all of town! I even became talk of the town (‘OMG I see a black eye, are you the girl that fell off her bed at the Nomads?! Tell me more!!).
That’s about it for Noosa, eventually (THANKGOD) my brain seems to have recovered and I am off on my way to Rainbow beach to prepare for Fraser Island. Excited is an understatement.

K x




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