Australia - East Coast

Day Out at Australia Zoo 

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

After a couple of days spent catching up with old friends and some sleep in Brisbane, I was back on the bus heading towards Noosa. Shakey from the travel desk had advised that Australia Zoo (as in the zoo owned by the late Steve Irwin) was somewhere I had to stop and see and I agreed, I had always loved The Crocodile Hunter and wanted to see for myself the zoo of which he was so proud and is still owned by his family today.

And what can I say, as zoos go, it’s pretty good (my favourite zoo is Chester Zoo so zoos have pretty high standards to live up to). There were some animals I missed, such as elephants, but this was made up for by the amazing show which included a man dangling himself in front of a crocodile (see blurry picture below). The only thing I did miss was Steve Irwin, I would have loved to see the show with the man who made dangling yourself in front of the crocs cool. But all in all I had a good day out and was back on the bus towards Noosa before I knew it, for a few days of sunbathing on Noosa beach before hitting up the Gagaju Bush Camp. Post to come, if I make it out alive.

Don’t Miss!

  • The Croc Show – Watch as a man dangles himself in front of a live (and huge) crocodile, will he make it out alive?!
  • Bindi’s Island – Founded by the late Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi, Bindi’s Island features a huge tree house, lemurs and a few other surprises!
  • The Steve Irwin History – If, like me, you were a huge Crocodile Hunter fan, you won’t want to miss the hall of history, including photographs of Steve and his family, videos of his old work and even a pair of his old work boots, including croc teeth marks! I welled up walking around here so it’s definitely not one to miss.



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