Australia - East Coast

Surfers Paradise – Epic fail!

Monday 14th September- Wednesday 16th September 2015

So I landed in Surfers Paradise, an hour and a half up the coast from Brisbane via the Greyhound bus, to find my hostel is a good 20 minute bus journey outside of Surfers Paradise – epic fail. Thankgod for the YHA shuttle into town and back! It’s quiet here though, so I’ll be glad to move on I think. On the bus I met two lovely girls from the UK, I’m getting good at spotting a British accent as I’m not hearing many here yet! We agreed to go down to Byron Bay together so I’m looking forward to that on Wednesday.

So I have spent 2 nights and 1 full day in Surfers, and although I’ve enjoyed it, it does feel like a tourist town more than anything. The beach is beautiful though, I’m definitely a beach person. But other than that, there hasn’t been a lot else to do. Onwards to Byron I’d say!





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